Investments announced to address Assam floods issue

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Guwahati: Assam is set to embark on an unprecedented mission to mitigate the perennial problem of floods that have long plagued the state.

Assam minister Pijush Hazarika announced an investment initiative aimed at addressing the issue with robust financial backing.

“For the first time in Assam’s history, we are undertaking massive investments to help mitigate floods,” said Hazarika.

He announced a comprehensive plan that includes significant funding from both the central and Assam governments.

The central government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is facilitating Rs 5000 crore over the next five years through various multi-lateral institutions, the Assam minister said.

This funding aims to support extensive infrastructure projects and technological solutions designed to prevent and manage flood disasters more effectively.

In addition to the central government’s contributions, the Assam government is committing an additional Rs 1000 crore annually to undertake various flood prevention activities.

These initiatives will cover a wide range of measures, from building embankments and improving drainage systems to deploying advanced weather forecasting technologies and enhancing community resilience programs.

“This translates to over Rs 2000 crore per annum of investment,” Hazarika stated.