AO invest £2m in 10 CNG-powered trucks and 20 LSTs

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The move is part of the electrical retailer’s strategy to shift its fleet of tractor units from diesel to CNG, with the aim of having 90% of its vehicles running on the greener fuel by 2030.

AO purchased ten CNG tractor units in 2022 and the Bolton-based company has now brought ten more onto its fleet. The company said the switch will enable a reduction of up to 85% in CO2 emissions, compared to the existing diesel fleet.

The retailer has also acquired 20 longer moving deck double deck semi-trailers (LSTs) from Cheshire business Tiger Trailers, to couple with the tractor units,.

The LSTs are 2.05 metres longer than the standard trailers used by AO, allowing for a 10% increase in capacity, as appliances can be double stacked on both lower and upper decks, as well as loaded four products wide if desired.

The new LSTs are supplied in AO’s bright green vinyl livery and will carry large appliances between the company’s warehouse in Crewe and its delivery outbases across the UK. It takes the total number of Tiger-built vehicles in its fleet to over 300.

David Ashwell, AO group logistics director, said: “We are proud to be continuing our move to a more sustainable future that will hopefully see 90% of our fleet running on CNG by 2030.

“These tractor units and the new LSTs allow us to reduce our carbon footprint and save on costs. Crucially it significantly increases our capacity, which enables us to deliver even better service to our customers.”

The LSTs are the sixth generation of design supplied by Tiger over a nine-year period.

Darren Holland, Tiger Trailers sales director, added: ”It’s great to work with the entire AO team and we look forward to enhancing the current builds into the next generation at each enquiry stage.

“The evolution from the original trailers supplied in 2015 that gave an increase of 14% in load capacity back then to the new trailers which are gaining a further 10% is great to see.”