The 20 ETFs with the biggest inflows of May 2024

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To paraphrase (or perhaps mangle) an old Frank Sinatra song, ETFs were shot down in April but rode high in May.

Exchange-traded funds took in a total net inflow of $87.1 billion in May 2024, according to Morningstar Direct. That’s more than double the funds’ paltry inflows in April, and a new record: ETFs’ best May ever recorded. The new haul continues this year’s roller coaster for investment in ETFs, which increased dramatically in March, fell in April and then rose again in May.

The inflows mirrored the performance of the stock market, which has largely followed the same ups and downs. In May, U.S. stocks had a very good month — the S&P 500 climbed 4.8%, the Dow Jones rose 2.3% and the Nasdaq leapt 7%. 

Perhaps as a result, U.S. equity was by far the strongest fund category. Last month, ETFs focused on American stocks took in a whopping $48.3 billion. The second-biggest inflows — by a long shot — went to taxable bond ETFs, which took in $25.9 billion, followed by international equities with $9.6 billion.

Which specific ETFs made the most of this comeback? Scroll through the cardshow below to see the 20 funds with the biggest inflows of May 2024. All data is from Morningstar Direct and is current as of June 4, 2024.