Dave Ramsey Dives Into The Muck With A Hog Farmer With Over $400,000 Of Savings To Invest: 'You're A Hog Farmer Who's Gone Hog Wild'

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In an episode of Dave Ramsey, a hog farmer with over $400,000 in savings called in and asked for advice on what to invest in. Here’s what Ramsey told the passionate hog farmer. 

The Dave Ramsey show often deals with challenging debt problems, with a healthy dose of tough love from Ramsey, but this episode took a lighthearted turn when hog farmer Michael called in for some investing advice. Michael told Ramsey and his co-host/daughter Rachel Cruze that he owns three hog farms and one house. He explained that everything is all paid for and that he has zero debt. He told the finance experts that at 31 years old, he has over $400,000 in his savings.

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The problem he’s currently facing is unique to the show: the smell from the hog shed is making their current home unlivable, according to his wife, so they rent a home five miles away from the farm. The landlord has passed away, and they’ve been given the opportunity to purchase the house from the landlord’s daughter. Michael wanted to know from Ramsey and Cruze whether he should buy the house, which his wife is asking him to do. However, Michael revealed he doesn’t want to. He told Ramsey, “I would rather go for another two years and buy another hog shed to put on the farm.” 

Before giving his advice, Ramsey asked Michael how long he has been married, which was only four years. Ramsey told him, “There’s a buddy of mine that’s a comedian with a wonderful saying: happy wife, happy life.” Michael told Ramsey that he, his wife and his young family are very happy, but Ramsey disagreed, telling Michael, “You’re a hog farmer that’s gone hog wild. All you think about is hogs,” and added, “I love that.” Ramsey told Michael that he’s a great business owner, has great business acumen, and is great at what he does, but that he sucks at taking care of his wife. Just because his wife married him doesn’t mean she is going to stay at the house on the farm. In fact, Ramsey pointed out that Michael’s wife has explicitly said she won’t live in the house on the farm.      

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Michael surprised the two finance experts by revealing that the house is only $45,000. Ramsey exclaimed, “Shut up! You can make her happy for $45,000, and you’re buying a $400,000 hog shed?” He added, “This woman doesn’t ask for much.” Ramsey and Cruze agreed that Michael must buy his wife the house. Ramsey told Michael with a smile, “I’m poking fun at you, but I’m having fun with you.” 

Ramsey got down in the muck with Michael and explained that buying a $45,000 house is not going to hamper his goal of buying a new hog shed. Michael told the finance gurus that a new shed will cost upward of $900,000, so he’s not even there yet. Ramsey said, “Buying that house is not going to throw your goals off, is my point.” Ramsey’s next piece of advice to Michael was that in 45 years of marriage and 35 years of running his Ramsey business, he’s learned that “the best thing I can do is have no drama at home because I got enough of it at work, and it makes me more valuable at work.” For Michael, that means buying his wife a house that is away from the smell of the hog sheds so that she can take care of his three children in her own home.   

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