Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

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24CV0511: Bartley Davis v. Derek Snowden, Soundtekpro, action for money.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Wilkie L. Mitchell, 62, of West Carrollton, maintenance supervisor and Karen L. Frost, 60, of Springfield, staff accountant.

Magarette Resilien, 28, of Springfield, unemployed and Rodrigue Lamare, 68, of Springfield, unemployed.

Guibs Limilie, 36, of Springfield, unemployed and Chamie Altidor, 28, of Springfield, unemployed.

Dustin L. Butler, 44, of Enon, truck driver and Georgia G. Hunter, 46, of Enon, hair stylist.

Sandra D. Barnett, 56, of New Carlisle, billing specialist and Phillip M. Atkins, 55, of New Carlisle, retired.

Property transfers:

Deborah A. Sutherland to Kelley L. Gump, trustee, 3432 Ventura Ave., Springfield; $0.

Samantha J. Zerkle to Ryan L. Miller and Myah P. Zerkle, 564 Suncrest Ave., Springfield; $231,000.

Ian F. Muncy to Richard L. L. and Krista D. Fout, 3614 Redwood Blvd., Springfield; $87,500.

Amanda M. Roberts to Leslee Sprague, 112 Larchmont Road, Springfield; $83,100.

NVR Inc. to Brianna N. and Alexis Mitchell, 228 London Ave., Springfield; $275,000.

Taylor Armentrout to Zachary Raboczkary, 730 Lawnview Ave., Springfield; $165,000.

Melissa Horn, trustee to Judith C. Roby, 2665 Prestwick Village Circle, Springfield; $275,000.

Todd E. Dingledine to Roy C. and Martha J. Rogers, 1925 Wedgewood Circle, Springfield; $225,000.

Karen L. and Richard A. Stumpf to Karen L. Stumpf, 1926 Wedgewood Circle, Springfield; $0.

Jennifer L. Sheehan, trustee to Denise M. and Donald E. Rigney Jr., 1793 Golfview Drive, $279,900.

Ronald L. and Sandra E. Yates to Barbara E. Yates, 2966 Alameda Drive, Springfield; $0.

Richard W. Hanes to Therese R. and Terry L. Stidham, 3008 Imperial Blvd., Springfield; $209,900.

Anne C. Hines to Richard W. Hanes, 2660 Home Orchard Drive, Springfield; $175,000.

Behzat and Gunay Sarihan, trustees to Alper A. Sarihan, 1200 E. Home Road, Springfield; $0.

Marvin S. and Sandra H. Silverstein to Stephen A. English Jr., 2829 Rockford Drive, Springfield; $319,900.

Larry C. and Sandra A. Leonard to Sandra A. Leonard, 2612 Cavins Drive, Springfield; $0.

Michael D. Downey to Michael D. and Rebecca A. Downey, 2510 Casey Drive, Springfield; $0.

Trent Coffman to Samantha L. Eggers and Daniel S. Landis, 2352 Derr Road, Springfield; $239,900.

Barbara Heckman to Deon Pinson, 615 K. Villa Road, Springfield; $60,000.

Ricky A. and Terri Shinkle to Terri Shinkle, 110 E. Home Road, Springfield; $0.

Marya and Claude Beverly to Marya Beverly, 2508 Rebecca Drive, Springfield; $0.

Donald Burton and Allison Stamper, 2013 Elmsford St., Springfield; $138,500.

Vincent A. Williams II to Emmanuela W. and Kris Adonis, 1126 W. High St., Springfield; $147,900.

East West Investments LLC to Kristley and Wilford Joseph, 1102-1104 W. High St., Springfield; $18,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton to Michael A. and Andrea Carter, 1106 S. Bell Ave., Springfield; $80,000.

Dean Schinnerer to Gid Properties LLC, 524 W. Liberty St., Springfield; $0.

Equity Trust Company Custodian to Saiyan Estates LLC, 919-919.5 Broadway St., Springfield; $43,000.

William S. Fagan to Amy M. Jaskowiak, 816 Snowhill Blvd., Springfield; $171,900.

New Method Packaging LLC to New Method Packaging Real Estate, 1727, 1805, 1913 Commerce Road, Springfield; $0.

Rhonda J. Cosby to Eve J. Sturm, 1944 Broadway St., Springfield; $159,500.

706 S. Burnett Inc. to Rita Swain, 2050 N. Hadley Road, Springfield; $146,000.

Mint Holdings LLC 401K Plan to Daniel S. and Mary A. Trimbach, 2019 Sweetbriar Lane, Springifeld; $117,500.

Melinda Bullivant to Todd Fisher and Ronald G. Davis, 264 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield; $140,000.

Daniel Landis and Samantha L. Eggers to Sydney A. and Omar Snyder, 2505 Irwin Ave., Springfield; $130,000.

John Fritz to Paige Skidmore and Dakota M. Blair, 140 Lawnview Ave., Springfield; $155,000.

Larry E. Spicer to Julie M. Kloh, 503 Lawnview Ave., Springfield; $102,000.

Fred L. and Teresa M. Pitstick to Mason W. Sanders, 717 Eastmoor Drive, Springfield; $190,000.

Dona and Ruie Montgomery to Ruie Montgomery, 2202 Kenton St., Springfield; $0.

Fred L. and Teresa M. Pitstick to Mason W. Sanders, 2725 Van Buren Ave., Springfield; $190,000.

Luis Perez Lopez and Laurie B. Lopez to Luis Perez Lopez, 110 N. Clairmont Ave., Springfield; $0.