If you steal it in Kenya, invest it in Kenya – Gathungu to the corrupt

Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu has said that perhaps a campaign should be started encouraging people to invest money in Kenya money stolen in the country.

Gathungu said that individuals should be encouraged to do so, especially if they manage to get away with it.

“Steal it in Kenya, invest it in Kenya. I may sound like I am saying this in jest but I am very serious about it,” she said.

Gathungu was speaking during the launch of Transparency International Kenya’s Strategic Plan for 2023-28 in Nairobi on Tuesday.

She said that it may sound very strange but perhaps Kenyans could see more development happening in the country.

“Then later we can ask the question where did you get the money from?” she said.

She said that illicit financial flows have affected our nations, particularly developing nations and Africa.

“This is an area where auditor generals in the region came together and recognised as a threat to the development of our nations, service provision and democracy and peace,” she said.

Gathungu said illicit financial flows are not only experienced in developing nations but are also rampant in developed nations.

“The question therefore would be, if there was no safe space to hide or to invest and thereby give legitimacy or laundry services to illicit financial flows, where would this money be kept?” she asked.

She said this completely robs countries and citizens of development whatsoever.

The Auditor general lauded Transparency International for the launch of their five-year strategic plan, saying it will help to create a corruption-free society.

“The successful achievement of your mandate as Transparency International contributes to the achievement of my mandate and vice versa for the greater good of our country,” she said.