New Rural Infrastructure Investments in Missouri

Missouri Governor Mike Parson took to Facebook to emphasize the importance of well-maintained state wide infrastructure. He noted that Missouri’s highway system is one of the largest in the country and due to Missouri’s central location in the country it receives a great deal of traffic connecting rule America with its big cities.

Despite all this Missouri road systems have been maintained with one of the lowest levels of funding in the country. Governor Mike Parson clued citizens in on the new Rural Infrastructure Investments that are being made in the State Budget:

  • Transportation Cost-Share – $75 million to provide financial assistance to public and private applicants for public road and bridge projects. The program matches up to 50 percent of the construction contract costs for selected projects.
  • Low-Volume Routes – $100 million in funding for a total of 1,250 low-volume route miles across the state.
  • Public Transit – $12.9 million
  • Broadband Infrastructure – $100 million
  • Broadband Grants – $42.2 million
  • Rural Telehealth Access – $8.5 million
  • Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Grants – $411.7 million

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