Investing in stock market? Know if your ruling planet can help in monetary gains

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A horoscope wheel representing zodiac signs

While explaining the nine planets in Hinduism, astrology talks in detail about the auspicious and inauspicious fruits of each planet. Every planet is responsible for business, livelihood, employment, job, etc. Let’s discuss the stock market and because of which planet a person finds success even in a risky business like investing and shares.

Under economic astrology, it is said that the fifth, eighth and eleventh signs in any horoscope form sums of contingent wealth. That is, the benefit of a sudden rise of a single stock in the stock market is due to the strong planets in these prices.

Astrological assessment says that in order to get profit in the stock market, it is necessary that the fifth sign of a person’s horoscope should be strong and there should be auspicious sight of a planet which is a factor of stock market.

If the fifth sign of the horoscope is weak then there is no contingent gain. According to astrology, Rahu and Moon determine the profit and loss of the stock market. Jupiter and Mercury are also said to have an effect on stock market results. The person in whose horoscope Jupiter and Mercury are in good condition earns huge profits in the stock market.

Let’s talk about the sinful planet which gives ominous fruits but when it is seen, the native gets a strong profit in the stock market. In order to gain profit in the stock market, it is necessary that the position of Rahu should be strong in the horoscope of the person concerned.

On the other hand, when Jupiter is strong, one is believed to get profit in the commodity market. It is believed that a person in whose horoscope Mercury has a strong position can become a good expert or broker in stock matters.

When Rahu’s condition is strong, a person is able to earn more from the stock market and he keeps on gaining contingent funds.