Binance to create awareness about cryptocurrency and blockchain in India

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Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced its several educational initiatives for teaching investors in India. Through three key educational initiatives, Binance aims to provide open access for blockchain and crypto learnings.

At Binance, we believe in financial freedom through crypto adoption, Leon Foong, head, APAC, Binance, said. “This represents an opportunity for us to play our role in educating the future innovators and builders of India, especially students, and equip them with the relevant blockchain and crypto knowledge to build a path towards financial freedom. With Binance’s resources of academy content and learn and earn program, we hope to create the incentives for users to do thorough research and make informed investment decisions,” he added.

The exchange recently launched its learn and earn program on Binance academy that incentivises learners with cryptocurrency, while gaining knowledge about important topics across the blockchain industry. It also aims to create further courses to enable students to define their own career and entrepreneurial futures in the blockchain industry, for helping the future generation navigate the new world of Web3.0 and smart contracts.

As a follow up to the Binance Campus BUIDLers Program, Binance recently partnered with Inter Institutional Inclusive Innovation Centre (i4c) to initiate the ‘Blockchain for Good’ ideathon. The program will provide a platform for students across Indian colleges to come up with solutions for making the blockchain space inclusive and accessible. 

Further, Binance has partnered with IIT Delhi as a title sponsor for its cultural fest Rendezvous, for showcasing user cases of blockchain technology such as NFT tickets, certificates, fan tokens, POAP, among others. As per the partnership, the company will host a ‘Crypto for All’ webinar, which will include financial influencers such as Neha Nagar, Aditya Saini, and Kashif Raza. Along with providing certificates issued over blockchain to all attendees, selected winners will receive giveaways in Bitcoin and Binance Coin (BNB).