Segment Wealth’s Gil Baumgarten is Investing in Others

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When the pandemic began, Gil Baumgarten started looking for ways to give back to local businesses that were struggling to stay open. He began spreading his lunch money around the Greater Houston area, catering the mid-day meal for his employees daily.

That is just one example of how a generous leader creates a generous workspace.

Philanthropy and stewardship have been main priorities for Segment Wealth Management since the firm’s inception in 2012. As founder and CEO, Baumgarten promotes the act of giving back within the company and chooses to share Segment Wealth’s assets with causes he is passionate about.

“The abundance mindset of investing goes hand-in-hand with one of stewardship, and our willingness to give freely of our resources,” says Baumgarten.

Active Organizations

Baumgarten is involved with numerous charities including Young Life, Star of Hope, and Open Door Mission, a faith-based recovery facility for Houston’s homeless community and whose men’s ensemble group has been invited to perform at Segment Wealth’s annual Christmas celebration. For over 25 years, Baumgarten has been involved with LifeHouse Houston, a ministry where women experiencing unplanned pregnancies are provided housing and support. He’s a member of the Advisory Council, former resident-houseparent, and a reliable advisor available any time the ministry needs guidance on financial decisions.

“I have always tried to give business services away to church ministries to not only help the organizations, but also establish personal relationships in the philanthropic community,” says CEO Gil Baumgarten.

In 2020, a charitable foundation that highlights the generosity of the financial services industry, called Invest in Others, presented Baumgarten with an Honorable Mention in the Lifetime Achievement category for his philanthropy work in the Houston area.

Charitable Gift Matching

Segment Wealth offers employees unlimited charitable gift matching to charities that align with the firm’s values. They also assist clients in executing their personal giving programs to ensure both the client and the charities they support are benefitted.

Segment Wealth Management is SEC-registered and recognized by Barron’s and the Houston Business Journal as one of the most trusted investment advisory firms in America and the Greater Houston area.

AJ Nottingham
Senior Journalist