PURA Anticipates Industrial Hemp Business Revenue Acceleration With Cryptocurrency Carbon Credit Plan

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DALLAS, April 28, 2022 Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) today announced the company anticipates its revenue growth to accelerate with the implementation of the company’s recently announced cryptocurrency carbon credit plan.

PURA continues to develop three synergistic lines of revenue:

  1. PURA is developing consultive revenue from its hemp education offering focused on helping clients integrate hemp into existing business offerings to improve overall profits.
  2. PURA is developing Co-Op revenue under its Farmersville Hemp Brand through partner hemp growers and processers selling under the brand.
  3. PURA is developing strategic investment revenue through equity participation in related businesses.

PURA is building its Farmersville Hemp Brand as a multi-industry disruptor that can improve many existing products and services and at the same time contribute notably to the 2050 sustainability objectives.

PURA has a variety of disruptive initiatives underway including projects in the construction, pharmaceutical, and cryptocurrency markets.

PURA recently released details behind the company’s cryptocurrency initiative to connect hemp growers with the income potential from the carbon sequestering benefit of hemp cultivation. Management expects the cryptocurrency carbon credit initiative to accelerate revenue growth in 2022.

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