Kevin Durant trade updates: Rumors, speculation reignite around Brooklyn Nets, NBA star

Follow our updates on the latest rumors, speculation and reports as the Kevin Durant trade saga with the Brooklyn Nets continues.

Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic wrote: “I have contracted DFS — Durant Fatigue Syndrome. At onset, DFS sufferers begin to wish the story of Durant’s desire to play elsewhere would just be resolved soon. At peak infection, the major symptom is a preference for Durant remaining a Net rather than your local team shipping half its roster and multiple draft picks so Durant can continue to pursue contentment. Because chances are, Durant will never find it.”

Jay Williams weighs in on Kevin Durant situation

The ESPN analyst and former NBA player talked about Durant and the Nets on Get Up! on Wednesday.

“You tell me a scenario where you have delivered an ultimatum to a billionaire where it typically works out in your favor. … I think it was a flex.”

Former teammate slams Kevin Durant trade request

ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins, a former teammate of Kevin Durant’s in Oklahoma City, slammed the NBA star on social media.

“So let’s get this straight… KD requests a trade the day after the draft … and a month later, he doubles up and calls for the jobs of the GM and the Coach?” Perkins said. “This generation is some goons! Carry on…”

Jody Oehler writes: “Kevin Durant isn’t done calling the shots and that means the Suns aren’t out of the Kevin Durant sweepstakes. … If Kevin Durant declares his love for Phoenix and its the only place he wants to be, the two sides will have to make a deal no matter what other teams may be offering. If he doesn’t declare his love for Phoenix, the Suns probably lose any bidding war to a variety of other teams. The Suns aren’t out of the sweepstakes yet unless after the latest twist in this saga they want to be. Given their complete lack of improvement this offseason, like the Nets, they might not have any choice. They need Kevin Durant almost as badly as the Nets need to dump him. Sounds like a beginning of a very interesting relationship to me.”

The Athletic: Suns still in sweepstakes for Kevin Durant

Shams Charania discussed some teams that could still be in on the Brooklyn Nets star and didn’t eliminate Phoenix.

Showdown brewing between Kevin Durant and Nets owner Joseph Tsai

USA TODAY Sports’ Jeff Zillgitt broke down the latest with the Kevin Durant saga in a video on Twitter.

Kristian Winfield writes: “Source: Kevin Durant’s boundless love for basketball is not a reason to believe he’ll show up for training camp if the Nets don’t acknowledge his trade request.”

First Things First: Kevin Durant not wired to sit out for Nets

Kevin Wildes said: “The only thing that’s changed is that Kevin Durant has made an ultimatum. I don’t believe that ultimatum is real. If Joe Tsai says we’re keeping Marks & Nash & the deals for you don’t make sense for us. I think it’s a bluff. KD’s not wired to sit out the year.”

ESPN: Kevin Durant may have hurt his own trade chances

Brian Windhorst said: “Kevin Durant … in my view has very much limited his options.”

Ian O’Connor writes: “Durant eventually realized the Nets’ asking price in a trade is so high, any team that lands him will be too depleted to win it all. So in a brutally hot summer, he turned up the heat on Tsai by telling him he’d return if the owner makes Marks and Nash disappear. Durant is trying to will a trade into existence. In the process, he has left the Nets looking like the kind of league-wide joke they often were in the bad ol’ days in Jersey.”

First Things First: Kevin Durant has guaranteed that he will get traded

Nick Wright said: “Kevin Durant managed to checkmate a billionaire. It might be unpopular & cause a lot of hurt feelings, most noticeably from Steve Nash, KD’s now guaranteed that he’ll be traded & that’s what he wants.”

Ricky O’Donnell writes: “Whether he’s traded before training camp, or midway through the season like Harden and Simmons, it just doesn’t feel like the Nets are operating from a position of strength after their owner publicly chose a side following Durant’s ultimatum. The Nets will get decent offers for KD, but none of them will be the ‘greatest trade haul ever’ like many suspected when Durant first asked out.”

ESPN: “I don’t see this marriage ending any time soon”

Tim Bontemps addressed the Kevin Durant situation with the Nets on Get Up! on Tuesday.

Nets owner responds to Kevin Durant ultimatum report

Nets owner Joe Tsai tweeted out Monday: “Our front office and coaching staff have my support. We will make decisions in the best interest of the Brooklyn Nets.”

Earlier in the day, a report from The Athletic (see below) indicated that Durant had told the Nets owner that either Brooklyn head coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks had to be fired or the NBA player had to be traded.

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) waits for play to resume as his team trails during the first half of Game 4 of an NBA basketball first-round playoff series against the Boston Celtics, Monday, April 25, 2022, in New York.

Rob Mahoney writes: “The whole situation is a mess, but the kind of mess Brooklyn might happily sweep under a rug and ignore, if only it could. It’s impossible to replace Kevin Durant. Hell, it’s hard enough just to set a fair return for Durant in a trade, much less one suitors can realistically meet. Every ask sounds ridiculous because Durant is a genuinely ridiculous player. That might be the only reason he’s still a Net some six weeks after requesting a trade—and maybe the real reason KD is stirring the pot with this ultimatum in the first place. Does he really want Marks and Nash gone? Or is he just looking to send a shock through the Nets’ system? You can still create leverage with one foot out the door, especially when three years of subtle encouragement have already shown you exactly where to push.”

First Things First: Baffling move by Kevin Durant

Antoine Walker said: “When you are a player and you have a coach & GM that seems to do whatever it takes to make you happy, contractually and on the court, I don’t see how you are upset with them, or how they’re the reason you want to be traded. I’m baffled by KD.”

Kevin Durant: Trade me or fire Steve Nash, Sean Marks

The Kevin Durant saga with the Brooklyn Nets is evidently not anywhere near a conclusion.

Some speculation had swirled about the NBA superstar potentially patching things up in a reported meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai over the weekend, but that did not happen, according to a report from Shams Charania of The Athletic.

Charania reported that sources said Durant reiterated his trade request in his meeting with Tsai and “informed Tsai that he needs to choose between Durant or the pairing of general manager Sean Marks and coach Steve Nash.”

More: Kevin Durant’s history with Devin Booker, Monty Williams make Suns a potential trade spot

More from the report from The Athletic by Shams Charania: “Durant stated he does not have faith in the team’s direction, sources said.”

The report continued: “The Nets have direct knowledge of the reasons behind Durant’s request, sources said, and understand that the 12-time All-Star will continue to be resolute in his stance. Durant is believed to want a change of scenery heading into his 16th season.”

More: Why Phoenix Suns’ trade for Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant can’t include Devin Booker

The Phoenix Suns have been among the teams linked to Durant in NBA trade talks after the star indicated that Phoenix was his preferred trade destination, but The Athletic report by Shams Charania did not mention the Suns as a possibility for Durant.

“The Celtics, Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat remain the most significant candidates to acquire Durant, sources said, with Boston’s package centering around All-Star forward Jaylen Brown seen as a viable deal. Tsai and the Nets have made clear privately that they will take every last asset from a team that trades for Durant, sources said,” according to The Athletic.

More: Phoenix Suns linked to 4-time NBA All-Star

Kevin Durant reportedly reiterated his trade request form the Brooklyn Nets during a meeting with the owner of the team.

Interestingly, the Suns are second in recent odds to acquire Kevin Durant in a trade, at +350.

The odds, compiled by Odds Checker had the Celtics as a big favorite, at -175.

The Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors were each at +400.

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Everyone seems to have a Kevin Durant trade proposal these days, including QuikTrip, the convenience store chain.

The site recently included Mikal Bridges for Durant in a trade, and threw in one of its convenience stores.

Bridges reacted to the trade on social media.

More: Phoenix Suns’ trade speculation swirls around starting forward

The Ringer recently ranked the six “most interesting” outcomes for the Kevin Durant saga and the Phoenix Suns were not included among the outcomes, which drew some attention on social media.

One of them had Durant remaining in Brooklyn as the most interesting result.

Another had him going to the Boston Celtics as the answer. Another went with him being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans.

Another? The Golden State Warriors.

Yet another picked the Memphis Grizzlies as the most interesting outcome, while the final one went with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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Is Kevin Durant trade to Phoenix Suns still possible?

Jackson Gatlin (@Locked On Rockets) is joined by Brendon Kleen (@Locked On Suns) to discuss where the Phoenix Suns stand amidst the Kevin Durant trade request saga and if they are still in play for the Brooklyn Nets star.

More: Are Phoenix Suns really out of Kevin Durant sweepstakes? Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard thinks so

SNY’s Ian Begley reported: “Late last month, multiple people familiar with the Nets’ Kevin Durant talks were pessimistic about the possibility of a deal getting done in the near future. Part of the pessimism stemmed from the idea that, as of last month, there was little appetite in the market for teams to serve as a third or fourth team to facilitate a Durant trade. “No one wants to help (Brooklyn get a deal done),” one team remarked. As with all trade talks, things are fluid. So the dynamic can change at any time. But late last month one source familiar with the Nets/Durant dynamic said things were in a “holding pattern” based on past talks between Brooklyn and other teams.”

More: Phoenix Suns trade updates: Speculation, rumors if team misses out on Kevin Durant

Andrew Hughes writes: “Kevin Durant and the supporting cast could only go so far in a conference with Giannis Antetokounmpo and a Milwaukee Bucks lineup not lacking Khris Middleton as well as the defenders of the Eastern Conference crown, the Boston Celtics. The rift’s divide may be too far diverged for the ship to be upright again over in Brooklyn. A KD trade has to happen, if not a Simmons swap. The wound is a very deep one, and simply needs to avoid infection right now.”

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